Wendy is a graphic designer, art director, photographer, writer, researcher, strategist, foodie, painter, daughter, sister, friend, world traveler, world changer, music lover, baker, fish owner, perfectionist, adventure seeker, mandarin speaker, dessert fanatic, concert junkie, pianist, problem solver and curious creator. She believes these all influence and inspire her assorted creative endeavors.

From her work at various New York City design agencies including Alfalfa Studio, Pentagram, MTV Networks, Courtney & Company and most recently a design director at Carbone Smolan Agency, she is experienced in developing strategic creative work for companies through various mediums. 

Currently, she is taking a radical sabbatical around the world, exploring new lands and being creatively inspired by her travels. Keep up with her adventures on her Instagram @nomadicfare

To say hello or to inquire about working together, send a note to design [at] wendyhu [dot] com. Thanks for dropping by.